Cobalt Expertise

Cobalt brings together rigging, transportation, warehousing and storage.

We can do the heavy lifting for your installation, plant relocation, and machinery removal needs. We can even hold on to your assets (stored in one of our warehouses). Ensuring they are secure and safe until you are ready for them.

We can aid in importing and exporting, as well as crating the asset.


  • Industrial
  • Paper and Packaging
  • Machine Tools
  • Scrap and Recycling
  • Entertainment

Secure Storage

You can feel confident that your goods are secure and very well protected when you contract with Cobalt in one of our modern warehouse and distribution facilities.


Quality in Details

Rigging - Transportation - Warehousing - Storage - Ohio - Cobalt TransportationSupport services include a full complement of pick and pack, premium fulfillment and light assembly for our customers.

We’re ready to provide solutions.